Backyard Wedding Ideas

Following backyard wedding ideas is the best alternative to the expensive wedding celebrations. You may have wanted to throw all the luxuries and coziness on your wedding but if you do not have enough finance to bring out all those exorbitant pomp and show, you will find it quite difficult to fulfill your dream. A backyard wedding can be transformed in to a striking wedding celebration that can hold the attention of the spectators. The only requirement is a perfect planning and an organized way to carry out the plan. You will need to spend more of your time on planning the wedding so that you do not leave a single flaw in organizing the wedding. This will help you make the backyard wedding ideas spectacularly attractive while helping you in saving a lot on the way. backyard-wedding-ideasYou can concentrate on various areas while planning your backyard wedding celebration. It will be wise to consider on;

  • The wedding reception,
  • The ideas that will make the wedding cheaper,
  • The decoration,
  • How small the party can be reduced in to, and
  • DIY Ideas.

Not only backyard wedding ideas reduce the cost of the wedding but it also helps in building up a strong relationship with the place and the celebration. You will be able to fully enjoy the wedding celebrations as there will be less formality at home while compared to the highly formal wedding parties that cost a huge amount. You may find it a little difficult to manage the space at the small backyard or may not find it as attractive as it used to be while celebrated in expensive venues. You may even experience a lot of stamped and blemishes in your backyard due to the wedding party. Thus, you can check on the following areas while planning for a backyard wedding.

Backyard Wedding Reception

It is very much required to give importance to all the possible provisions for the wedding celebration so that you do not lack anything on the day and can cope up with any issue without making a mess. The main drawback of a backyard wedding plan is the space you will need for the wedding reception party. You may not be able to suit your likes and ideas to the small area available in your backyard. However, there are many other things that can be enjoyed thoroughly if you are organizing a backyard wedding celebration. You will not feel the tense situation that comes from all the formalities you have to follow in a traditional wedding reception party if you are having it in your own way at your backyard. Beautifully laid down sitting arrangements and food stations will help in making the party more pleasing. 

The decoration for the wedding reception can be carried out within a very limited budget unlike the traditional way. You can add more flowers to your backyard to make it more attractive, trim the trees and shrubs to create more space and alluring figures. A unique ambience can be created by using stylish tents which have swathed poles and along with this, small flower bunches can be used to add to the beauty of the tables. You must take special attention to the lighting of your wedding reception. These arrangements will help you in reducing the financial burden to the minimal.

Cheap Backyard Wedding Ideas

You can add more options to your choices so that you can lessen the expenses. There are several ideas that can make the wedding celebration outstandingly magnificent. Choosing a right theme for your wedding is the first step you need to take and based on that particular theme you can start sorting out the cheapest ways to organize it and to make it look dazzling. You can use paper lanterns for the lighting and mason jars to decorate the surrounding and the table as well. These are the most inexpensive items that are perfect for enhancing the show of the décor.

You can make your own floral centerpieces for the tables. You can use ‘under the Tuscan sun’ idea for the dining table which will not only save the space but will also create a wonderful ambience in the wedding scene. You can use homemade cakes, snacks and local drinks combined with few expensive beverages. You can as well make your own menu for the wedding buffet.

Backyard Wedding Decorations

backyard-wedding-decorationsThere are several ways to decorate the wedding venue and if it is backyard wedding idea then you can add more of your own taste that is cheaper and smarter. You can start from choosing the centerpieces and can go a long way as far as you can afford. Instead of buying the expensive readymade centerpieces, you can create unique ideas on this by blending the varied options available in the market. You can collect flowers, rose’s petals, fruits, candles and can use rocks, water and other attractive items that are easily available around you for the centerpieces. However, you must keep in mind to give a bold and beautiful statement on whatever idea you have created.

When it comes to backyard wedding ideas, the décor must be exceptional. Using brilliant tents are another option and the look can be enhanced by choosing from the different shapes of lighting features. It will be a clever choice if you have added small candles of varied shapes on the list. Another important decoration falls on the wedding cake. Choose something different for the cake; it can be the colors, patterns and the added décor items on the cake. Make the cake attractive as much as possible for it is the main magnetism that draws attention.

Small Backyard Wedding

It does not matter whether your backyard wedding ideas stands for a bigger party or for a small backyard wedding celebration, it is still necessary to create a memorable day for you. If you have decided to end the wedding with a small wedding celebration, you must look for a unique theme that matches with your plan. It can be a unique menu or an extraordinary decoration which will definitely add a special twist to your wedding celebration. You can arrange catering to make the menu special for the cost may not be very expensive while compared to bigger wedding celebrations.

You can also use a different décor taste to your small wedding celebration by using special tents and creating a dance floor in it. You and your family, friends and relatives can enjoy the night with selected taste of food, wine and entertainment.

DIY Backyard Weddings

‘DIY’ – just make it say louder, it says, ‘Do It Yourself’. Such backyard wedding ideas will help you in saving a lot while still throwing an exceptionally alluring wedding celebration parties. You will find innumerable ideas under DIY option. You can start from printing your wedding cards to expensive beverage. You are able to add your own flavor to the wedding party and can give more significance to you and your better half’s choices. You can create your unique initiations for the invitation cards and this will cut down the cost for hiring professionals. You can choose varied colors of flower petals to decorate the floor and the tables. DIY-backyard-weddingsYou can bring forth a unique and well planned site decoration by using inexpensive materials. You can add catering on few of the items and by mixing it with your own preparations; you can present a different taste on the table. The bar can be restricted to local cocktails, different flavors on juice and with a few selected signature wine and beer collection. DIY backyard wedding ideas can be amazingly different and cheerful which gives you a wedding that brings you happiness by cutting down the possible debts that may arise due to the celebration expense.


By and all, backyard wedding ideas are the perfect option if you are looking for a wedding plan that will not only help you celebrate the occasion with grandeur but will also bring a thrift on the expenses. It can be a bigger celebration or a smaller wedding party; you can be able to add your own signature to the celebration. The guest will enjoy the wedding party with a different taste. However, you need to make a wise plan and organize the wedding with perfection. You must be conscious that every single detail matters while organizing a backyard wedding celebration.

A wedding celebration must always be worth cherishing and must be memorable. Backyard wedding plan is ideal as it allows you to cut down on the cost while enjoying the privilege of casting out your unique ideas. Nothing is better than a happy wedding celebration that is filled with good plans, savings and content. You should not forget the varied areas mentioned above where you can cut down the cost while still pulling up a brighter celebration. And by adding few of your choices to it, you can create a more vivid ambience to the backyard wedding ideas that you will love to embrace in your memories as long as you live.

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